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Global Warming- Fact or Fiction?
September 1, 2009, 9:42 pm
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Global Warming Result in the Next Century

Global Warming Result in the Next Century

The global warming controversy has been thoroughly debated regarding the consequences of the earth’s recent rise in temperature. Is the earth melting? Are we going to eventually be swallowed up by the earth’s waters  due to the constant rise in temperature that has been rapidly taking place?  The Linear trend is the most common development talked about recently, and this concept deals with the warming of the global average temperature near the earth’s surface. Over the past 50 years, from 1905 to 2005, the earth’s temperature has risen in plus or minus 18 degrees Celsius, and the scare of the matter is why has there been such a drastic jump in temperature over the last thousand years? In fact this jump is considered to be twice as dramatic as it has ever been. So what is the debate of this issue? As some believe that the earth is coming to an end with a huge flood; others merely believe that the earth is just going through a cycle like that of the ice ages and will eventually level itself back into the normal global surface temperature.  While the modern worrywarts are nervously thinking of ways to save our planet; others are just being lazy in an obvious issue that is in desperate need to be attended to. The earth is clearly in need of attention, and in simple ways like carpool and recycling should be taken into consideration in order to play it safe for the next generation.


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