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Love Your Earth: Recycle
September 1, 2009, 10:19 pm
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Recycling has become the strongest movement of the latest hip trend to “Live Green.” This picture has been chosen in order to explain the message that is so world-known to replenish our planet’s natural resources. Recycling is put to use in order to reduce air pollution, water pollution, and to reduce energy usage. Whenever I personally see this image I automatically think where did I put my last Starbucks cup or straw rapper? This sign is not only a helpful reminder, but it also automatically triggers our memory to remember to separate the trash, throw away the peppermint rappers, or recycle your paper bags at the grocery store. This symbol is meant to remind the every man to do their duty to improve the environment in which they live in. No matter how stingy a person may be with being ignorant to the obvious interpretation of this symbol, they are still unconsciously aware of the fact that it reminds them to clean out their car and put the unwanted trash in a trash can rather just pitching it out the window. After seeing this sign I encourage you to also be influenced and to see what you can do locally in your TCU community.


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I totally agree!! Recycling is so important in our world today! Every person in the U.S. and in every other country needs to separate their trash and change their eating and drinking ways to help save our planet. I’m really glad you chose this topic on your blog. Many more people need to know the importance of going green!! 🙂

Comment by shannongomez

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