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Green Is For Me
September 16, 2009, 9:05 pm
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A organization to get involved with at TCU!

An organization at TCU to help get involved!

I did not relate to my topic of being environmentally friendly, till I visited my best friend in college last semester at UC Davis. All through my childhood my family never recycled. My best friend Katelyn had always been big into recycling and not being wasteful. I never really got why she always saved water bottles and wanted to carpool to run errands, until I visited her college campus. UC Davis is extremely passionate about keeping a clean and green environment. The campus is beautiful, lush and green. There was no littler on the streets, and at every trash area all the trash was separated into different bins. There were also a lot of organic fruit and vegetables that were planted on street corners that were always available to the college students. I thought it was fascinating how clean the air and environment felt and that there was fresh fruit growing on the side of the street that was edible all due to just simply cleaning up after yourself.  When I returned to TCU I started to ask around, and I became more involved in recycling. Now that I live in the Tridelt house I’ve gotten my whole floor to be more cautious about recycling and little things like buying a water purifier for their fridge instead of wasting water bottles and recycling coke can boxes.  TCU makes simple recycling easy, we just have to make the time to be aware and actually follow through and recycle!


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It’s amazing how throwing just one bottle away can make a huge difference. Everyday I’m trying to recycle something!

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