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Tree Huggers
September 28, 2009, 9:41 pm
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Hippie Tree Dweller

Hippie Tree Dweller

The term tree hugger is a broad term used to describe the movement to help save various assortment of trees all over the world. However in cases like this tree photograph, that was taken at the University of California at Berkley goes to more of an extreme that may be uncomfortable for onlookers who walk by. The term tree hugger at this university is quickly linked to the many hippies that live in the tops of the trees in order to preserve their tree “friends” from being cut down by the university. In 2007 Berkley wanted to add on a nice high-tech gym for their students, but the tree preservers who live in this area thought that was asking a bit much since the trees date back to before the town itself.  Yes the dwellers make a valid case, but when it comes to them taking their clothes off in order to express their “friendship with the trees”, this act turns their protest offensively and makes the onlookers have a hard time taking them seriously. These dwellers, many of which are naked, go to great lengths and stay for several days sometimes even several weeks in order to make their opinions noticed. So the next time you crack a tree hugger joke about how much your Mom recycles, remember your fellow Americans who take this term too literally.


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That is an intense blog! haha I did not know that people actually took it to the point of camping out in the trees and getting naked. That is extreme. The visual really shows the credibility of your argument. Nice job.

Comment by Jessica Gasparian

I cant read your blog. You should put it in black letters.

Comment by nicholas hawes


I like what you’re saying here, but you might want to think about the visual aspect of this blog entry. The small green lettering is really hard to read!

Comment by Angela Sowa

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