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Extinction. Curious?
October 7, 2009, 9:15 pm
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An international survey was released stating that 5,437 mammal species are declining and at risk of distinction. One in four animals are at risk of being extinct. What’s sad about that statement is that the main reason for why their species is dieing off is because of poachers. I know this is so cliché to state, but our natural resources are not going to be “natural” much longer if we keep abusing what we have been given. Animals are only a small minority to the larger scheme of human disruption of nature. Hunting unnecessary animals, clearing rainforests, and dumping toxic waste into the our naturally, clean spring water; is only going to result in being hurtful towards us. How much longer can our earth take it? Not too much longer, there have already been signs of the earth’s detiorating, and the extinction of animals is one of the first, most noticeable signs. If they are not able to live in this world of pollution and contamination now, then how will we manage down the road? Anti-bacterial  and flu shots can only go so far in the broad scheme of things. Yes, most environmentalist are seen as worrywarts and not given much attention too, but they have a valid statement when it deals with the possible extinction of the human race.

80% of all primates are at risk of extinction


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I like that you show the connection between the environment and animals (including people) in this entry. I’m an environmentalist due to my concern for sentient beings, not simply because I want to keep the earth pristine (I do, of course, but it’s not my primary motive). I think too many people fail to recognize that when we destroy the environment, we’re also killing animals and causing a great deal of suffering. If we keep at it, you’re right: we’ll eventually end up killing ourselves, too.

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