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Energy Sufficient
October 19, 2009, 9:41 pm
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Have you ever wondered why the lights are never turned off in residential areas? I live in the Tridelt house and have always wondered why the lights always remain on in the hallways, bathrooms, kitchen, porches, and the chapter room. Although many would over look this small issue, I have noticed that we are wasting so much energy by leaving the fluorescent lights on throughout the night. Even when I lived in the Colby dormitory last year there would be many nights when the RA’s would forget to turn off the lights in the hallways. I propose a new idea, why don’t we have more energy efficient lights that would light up just the hallways instead of leaving all of them on all night. There are high-efficiency light bulbs and automatic timers made for such needs like this. It is only a slight change that the fraternity and sorority life/ Gran Marc could participate in to save energy; by replacing the lights in the halls and using more energy sufficient light bulbs rather than fluorescent light bulbs.  Yes precautions should be taken into manner with the safety of the residents, but not to this extent. All together it’s the little things that count in order to be more resourceful.  Switching off the bedroom light, hall light, and bathroom light, I feel, is just something that could be taken into consideration to make a big difference.


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I really like your idea. The hallway lights and more motion sensor lights. I also lived in colby and noticed this.

Comment by jesig

I think this is a good idea and you make an excellent point. After living in an apartment and getting a separate bill for utilities, I have made a bigger effort to turn off my lights before leaving. It is also a good idea to unplug cords out of outlets when they are not in use as well. I think that this proposition would be very useful and would definitely pay off for TCU and the larger community.

Comment by Ellen Parker

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