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Healthy Eating in the White House
October 29, 2009, 9:21 pm
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First Lady Gardening


Michelle Obama invited dozens of 10 and 11-year-old children from states school in Washington to join her in planting an organic garden in the Whitehouse. The Obama family has been very involved and conscientious about helping America achieve an economy friendly environment. The First Lady had an idea to plant the first organic vegetable garden on the White House property to be an influence on many children as well as America to make better eating habits as well as purer food to share with the community. The school children were invited back to tend to the crop as well as to bring in the garden’s first harvest consisting of: 73 lbs of lettuce, 12 lbs of snap peas and one cucumber. The First Lady and the children then trooped into the White House kitchen to wash lettuce and shell and cook the peas for lunch, which they ate outside on red and white checked tablecloths. Not only is the First Lady teaching a valuable lesson to these children, she is being involved in the process that it takes to embed habits like these, so that these children will for sure practice and know how to practice healthy eating habits for the future generation to come.


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I think it’s great that Michelle Obama is working towards a more environmentally friendly White House. It is also amazing that she’s working towards a healthier one. I know the kids appreciate all that she is doing with and for them. I know I would. Great job First Lady!

Comment by cbwhite33

I think this is a very clever and very good thing that Michelle Obama is doing. First of all she is very admired, so the fact that she is working in a garden has a large impact on people who hear about this. Also she is working with children, who very much need to learn the importance of a healthy and natural diet.

Comment by Abrey

This is really interesting to point out especially since America is known for its fight against obesity. By having the first lady set an example of health, it can ripple down into the lives of the younger generations. It is a great idea to have organic gardens and it is even greater that people in power care about gardening.

Comment by Ellen Parker

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