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October 29, 2009, 9:26 pm
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Honda Insight


With several serious threats to our ozone layer recently, hybrids have become more useful and all together safer for our future. Not only is car-pooling and bike riding help to produce a safer environment, the new interest in Hybrid cars are equally as helpful to live an eco- friendly lifestyle. The Honda Insight was reported to be the first hybrid car, meaning that it is the first automobile to be gas-electric, and was recorded with 17 sales in 1999. By one decade later in 2009, the Honda has sold over 1.5 million hybrids, putting the new Green Car in the market. This leads to what’s next on the agenda for green cars.  In 2011, Fisker Karma will come out with the first plug-in car, meaning all electric and no gas, the plug-ins have arrived. This means that soon all cars with be switched to electric and gas cars will be no more.  The recent drop in the economy market has put hybrids on the back burner with sales per year. However, hybrids are only 3 or 4 % away from being in the top automotive sales and that will be enough of an impact to create a “buzz” about hybrids to carry on to the future generations.

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I think it is important that you talk about hybrid cars in your blog since it is such a crucial part to decreasing a person’s carbon footprint. Hybrid cars are becoming more and more popular and more accessible in all different types of cars. Pretty soon I think that most people will have hybrids.

Comment by Ellen Parker

if they would make a powerful full size hybrid truck that didnn’t look like something off of The Jetsons… iwould conform

Comment by pwhalliday

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