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Don’t Mess With Texas
November 4, 2009, 10:55 pm
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We always here a “picture is worth a thousand words,” and when it comes to proposals that is certainly the truth. Visual proposals are the voice of the photographer, you see only what he wants you to see. These can be strong messages or just basic opinions.  Anything from a picture of the president in our U.S. history books or just a picture of a new movie in the blockbuster window, these photographers give “snap-shots” into what the photographer is trying to convey.

I propose through my photograph that I’ve selected is to become aware of why our earth stays so clean and trash free. Not only is this a simpler reminder for us to pick up after ourselves, it also reminds all the neighboring states driving through on our highways, just how much pride we have for our beautiful state. Whenever one sees the logo that was created either posted on a stop sign or seen on a commercial, the “Don’t Mess With Texas” logo automatically sends the message to not litter. The ethical way to look at this logo, would be to examine the font that was chosen. This font to me says that its just a friendly reminder, because no good, prideful Texan would ever want to litter on our precious state’s highways. Every little detail shows just how much the photographer or artist took the time in order to speak his message in the most powerful way.


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My whole family has the “Don’t Mess With Texas” logo on their cars or trucks. I also see them on tons of vehicles all over the state. I’ve even seen them on cars that don’t even have Texas license plates!! What I’m trying to say is that yes, this logo is a very prominent one in our state and a lot of people can connect with it. When we see it, we think of our lone star state and how we want to keep it perfect and clean. Texas is definitely a prideful state with a lot of prideful people. This is a perfect example of a visual for keeping our state clean and litter free. It sends a powerful message to everyone that sees it!!

Comment by shannongomez

I think it is very interesting that you chose this logo. I think you are right in your description that it is effective and convincing in wishing to preserve the state. However, I was actually unaware that this logo was about highways and littering before I came to Texas. I thought it was just an advertisement about Texas pride. Because of this I think that this catchy logo can be very effective within the state for those who know what it means, but many others will think it’s just a saying about Texans and their pride.

Comment by Abrey

Texas is superior…. They don’t make “Don’t Mess With California” signs. I think that Texans take more pride in our state than most Americans do in their country

Comment by pwhalliday

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