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Starbucks’ Eco-Friendly Cups
November 9, 2009, 10:54 pm
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Starbucks’ new motto has turned several heads. They have finally figured out how to make they’re: always keep your coffee hot with without burning your hand, perfect to-go coffee cup, economically friendly.  Environmental stewardship is their key concern now. 100% of their cups will be reusable or recyclable by 2015. They are significantly reducing their environmental usage through energy and water conservation, recycling, and green construction. Starbucks ability to recycle varies based on the level of commercial and residential recycling services offered in their community stores. In the meantime, there are two ways that you can help speed up the process of reducing the environmental impact of the Starbuck’s cup: ask for your beverage in a ceramic “for here” cup or use a commuter mug “to go.” Latest research indicates that coffee-growing regions will be impacted directly by climate change, so Starbucks is trying to reduce energy and water. This applies to all the new Starbucks’ stores, meaning that they will be built with the idea of conserving 25% of their overall energy usuage. The future looks bright for the Starbuck’s stores and this should bring a big smile onto their economy friendly customers.


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I, as a true Starbucks fan, am very excited to hear that they are deciding to make the change to be more eco-friendly. I think this is an important step not only because of the large amount of waste that it will save but also because of Starbucks’ importance in the business world. I think Starbucks’ is really stepping up here and setting an example for other companies to follow their lead, to begin to make small changes that can drastically affect the world we live in.

Comment by Abrey

My older brother works at a Starbucks in my home town so everyday I am exposed to it. However, I do not drink coffee instead I go for their green tea. All over the news it is known that Starbucks is not doing good as many of them are shutting down. I think this might be a marketing ploy to in a positive manner get their name in the news. The environment is an everyday concern so there is no better way to look good than say that you are helping the envirnment.

Comment by kyle12345678

it is great to hear that starbucks is going green considering that it is a big part of TCU’s community that could be a lot helpful and that is quite a big population that is going to help in this process.

Comment by Jay

It’s good to hear that Starbucks is changing their cups to be more eco-friendly. Once Starbucks starts making these cups it will be great for anybody who is environmentally conscience and wants to help the environment. Maybe if Starbucks is successful in this endeavor than other companies will start to catch on and that would be good as well. This is all good publicity for the “going green” movement that has been taking place with businesses lately.

Comment by rdlamoy

interesting. i think i need to invest in one of these commuter mugs as much as i frequent the local starbucks

Comment by pwhalliday

Starbucks is of course amazing. And it is great that they are trying to go green. Unfortunately, they are having to shut down many of their stores or cut back hours because of economic times, so hopefully Starbucks sticks it out so they can still sell me their French Vanilla Lattes 😉 I am very happy to hear they are attempting to go green though!

Comment by shannongomez

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