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Big Brother Big Sister
November 16, 2009, 10:13 pm
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Giving back to the community through volunteer work  is always a great way to make your peers aware of their local communities needs. My best friend was  considering signing up for the big brother big sister program located in Fort Worth, so we looked at the website to see the requirements and characteristics needed in order to become a mentor.

This program was set up to influence the lives of younger generations. Since many of these children come from stressful lower-class backgrounds this program helps pair them up with a friend that they can confide in for a couple hours a week and just have fun being a kid. These relationships that are built from this program impact these kids for the rest of their lives, teaching them to live more positively and encouraging them to make a difference. Through this program they have seen dramatic results on the kids improvement and many consist of: the kids being  more confident in their schoolwork, the kids are getting along better with their families, 46% are less likely to begin using illegal drugs, 27% are less likely to begin drinking alcohol, and 52% are less likely to skip school.

Although it is a huge time commitment, consisting of meeting with the kid for a couple of hours once a week. The impact that those few hours have on the kid’s life is what makes the same people wanting to come back from week to week to play with these kids.

Sign up today to be a big brother or a big sister at


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I really like this blog entry. It is a neat idea and can really make a difference. I like how you put the statistics in there to put some actual factual information. When I hear the big brother program I think of on 27 dresses when George takes Pedro. Hopefully you have seen it haha. But if not, Pedro is the littlw brother and he really admires his big brother George, George makes a big difference.

Comment by Jessica Gasparian

I like this blog specifically because i like volunteering and i am please to see that other people are into volunteering too regardless of what specific task it is .

Comment by yjnhamoinesu

The big brother and Big sister program is something that words cannot describe. The relationships formed and the impact left on these kids is astounding. My father was involved in this program with a young boy that was living in a physically and verbally abuse home. My dad helped him get away from all that for a few hours and have some fun. My dad took him to carnivals, baseball games and any fun thing he could find in the community for kids so he could have a good childhood that was being stripped from him. Beside the point the program is wonderful and I am glad you brought this up because it reminded me of that time of my dad and his good deed with this child. The program is a huge time commitment but in the end every second is the difference in the statistics you listed in your blog.

Comment by raiders22

I have always wanted to be apart of the big brother program. I am hoping that after I am done swimming I will have some free time to begin working with some kids. I have always been really good with kids and would love to try and influence their life for the better

Comment by brbarrett

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