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November 23, 2009, 9:21 pm
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Blogging has been very useful for me, because it forces you to pick a topic and learn everything you can about that one topic. I’ve never been a fan of researching, but doing a little research every week on something that I would like to learn more about, I have found to be very enjoyable. Although I did not exactly favor that blogging assignment at first.. I found myself looking back over my blogs throughout the semester, wanting to revisit the cites and the comments that had been left from my classmates, and the ways that people responded to my outlook on my eco-friendly topic. I had always been interested in the “green” lifestyle, but now doing further research and blogging about different ways to get involved has really taught me just how much doing a little for the environment every day will be so beneficial in the end. My research has taught me how to be caring to the rest of creation, how to be resourceful in living in a dorm room, and easy ways to help out in the community. I feel that my blog has definitely come full circle and has a variety of topics consisting of serious and “hard to hear” topics as well as light and funny topics such as the note that I wrote to the tridelt house. All in all, I have greatly enjoyed keeping up with this blog every week, and perhaps I’ll start a new one, because I’ll probable miss my weekly dose of blogging.


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First of all I was interested in your article because of your picture. I was wondering what you had thought of your experience to put that picture up. I am glad however, that you had a good experience in the end with blogging. Though it may have been difficult at first I’m glad you enjoyed learning about different aspects of your topic as many of us did.

Comment by Abrey

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