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Green Habits

Many find the “Live Green” lifestyle to be a burden. However, what many do not realize is that even just doing a small deed a day like buying the “Green” Blue Book instead of the “Blue” Blue Book is making a difference. Every little scrap of paper or plastic helps us preserve our natural resources and lets us re-use something that we would never notice as a recycled product in order to live a more productive life.

Recycling is a habit that many people have chosen to form. I did not get into recycling until my freshmen year in college when I visited my best friend at her college, University of California at Davis. Her university is very into doing whatever it can to help out the “greener” part of the earth.  Although it might be considered a hindrance at first it takes practice in order to get into the recycling train of thought.

What most people do not realize is that by just sorting out their trash every day they are saving thousands of trees. That not only lets them feel good about themselves for preserving part of the environment, but it also starts to reverse the downward spiral of pollution and gives us a cleaner environment to live in.

There are many different ways to get involved in recycling as a college student. For example, don’t just throw away all of your used or excess papers from this semester after finals. I have a pile of paper clipped on my desk for when I get done Friday to take the nearest recycling bin. It’s rewarding to see how much paper I have saved by letting it pile up before recycling. Another way is to just carry around one pen, one highlighter, and one pencil. Many students carry around pencil pouches loaded with pens and pencils that usually get lost within the first week of being purchased. If you are forced to keep up with one pen the entire couple of weeks till it runs out of ink, then you are not only saving money, but also forming an everyday “green” habit.

Many green activists have made it easier to get involved by making the “green” marketed items the cheaper way to go. Like for instance buying recycled computer paper is a lot more cheaply than buying regular computer paper. In the store it might seem a big difference in the shades of white, but once your at home it just looks like regular computer paper.

With the recent fall of the economy, living a “green” lifestyle has become more popular, because it is cheaper and can become a sort of a hobby. Many of my friend’s have chosen recently to be “green” because it saves money and some of the green products can the trendy. Why waste extra money on some brand new everyday item, when you can save money and buy something that will do the same job and is economy friendly.

Forming these green habits can be difficult at first, but the overall impact would be great if every American were to take the time to bring a bag to the grocery store instead of using the paper or plastic bags given to them would all be beneficial to the economy in which we are living in. The economy took a plunge, but if simple habits could be formed in order to live the lifestyle that we had pre-financial crisis, then living the “green” way seems worth it. So I encourage you to recycle your cans, final study guides, and reuse your folders for next semester, because I think everyone could use a little extra cash at this time.


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