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“Don’t Mess With Texas”

“Don’t mess with Texas” that simple phrase brings out a sense of pride in any person from this beautiful state. From the Austin hill country to the Corpus Christi Coast, from the pine trees of East Texas to the dry hunting lands of South Texas. Texas has any climate, whatever you fancy.

There is an abnormal pride that comes along with being a Texan, I don’t think I have met single person from the small East Texas town that I grew up in, who didn’t love the fact that they were born, raised, and most likely will pass away on that East Texas red dirt soil. People from other states who come to live in Texas think we’re crazy, but slowly and surely they convert to the cult of being a Texan too. This beautiful state is something to be proud of. It’s one of the few states that have many different ranges of climate and variety of different cities. The majority of the Texans I know would have to agree with me when I say that we like to keep our state clean.

The Texas motto, “Don’t mess with Texas” brings out the pride as well as the fair warning to pick up after yourself. This logo could be seen posted on a light poll, build board, or even seen as a bumper sticker on every duly truck on the road, yet all give the same visual proposal to keep the Texas state clean.

There isn’t one Texan who would pass by this sign and not know what it meant.  A logo is a strong visual proposal in that its repetitive and easy to remember in order  to get the reader to achieve the purpose it represents. I have seen “Don’t mess with Texas” logos my whole life and my parents have drilled in me not to litter. Not to mention it’s a pretty, little fine starting at five hundred dollars if you are caught littering by the law.

Many volunteer to clean up on highways, in order to keep our state looking pretty. You can always tell when you leave a Texas state line, especially in Louisiana. The roads are rougher and the grass lining the streets is over-grown. Texans love their state more than most Americans love their country.

Many of my friends have left the state for college, and I was almost one of them. But most of those kids come home as fast as they can, back home to Texas. Many have left and many have returned, its almost like a cult that you were born with that you’ll always live in Texas. I know there are the occasional few who refuse to ever look back at Texas once they leave for good, and well we didn’t really want them here anyway. However, the majority loves this beautiful state and will probably live within traveling distance of their Texas families, because everyone is family in Texas.

This visual proposal is just a friendly reminder of why we love our state the way we do. Texans love the pride of where we were raised. We love that we never meet a stranger in the super market and we love that our children’s children will be friends because we were friends with their grandparents back in the day. Being a Texan means you belong to a family. That is what this logo means to me. The pride I get when I see that logo and I am so glad that I was born, raised, and probable will pass away on that good ole Texas red dirt soil.


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