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Energy Sufficient
October 19, 2009, 9:41 pm
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Have you ever wondered why the lights are never turned off in residential areas? I live in the Tridelt house and have always wondered why the lights always remain on in the hallways, bathrooms, kitchen, porches, and the chapter room. Although many would over look this small issue, I have noticed that we are wasting so much energy by leaving the fluorescent lights on throughout the night. Even when I lived in the Colby dormitory last year there would be many nights when the RA’s would forget to turn off the lights in the hallways. I propose a new idea, why don’t we have more energy efficient lights that would light up just the hallways instead of leaving all of them on all night. There are high-efficiency light bulbs and automatic timers made for such needs like this. It is only a slight change that the fraternity and sorority life/ Gran Marc could participate in to save energy; by replacing the lights in the halls and using more energy sufficient light bulbs rather than fluorescent light bulbs.  Yes precautions should be taken into manner with the safety of the residents, but not to this extent. All together it’s the little things that count in order to be more resourceful.  Switching off the bedroom light, hall light, and bathroom light, I feel, is just something that could be taken into consideration to make a big difference.


What Kind of Action in the World Justifies a Noble Peace Prize?
October 14, 2009, 9:17 pm
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President Obama was elected the  2009 Nobel Peace Prize winner. Most consider this a controversial statement for a president who hasn’t been in the Whitehouse for more than two years. Despite the upheaval, most Nobel Peace winners slave their life away to devotion towards their dreams and goals, which in many cases put their lives in danger. So the question arises, “What kind of Action in the world justifies a Noble Peace Prize?” Air America correspondent Ana Marie Cox wrote on Twitter, “Apparently Nobel Prizes are now being awarded to anyone who is not George Bush.” Jennifer Loven at the Associated Press wrote: “He Won, But For What?” (

Obama won on the grounds of creating peace throughout humanity with concentration on enforcing an eco-friendly environment. Yes, Obama has done wonders for our country by providing a national healthcare that does not bankrupt those with catastrophic diseases, he has laid to rest most issues dealing with racism in his race relations speech, and he has inspired not only America but the whole world to make climate change efforts the highest priority.  However, how does Obama’s claim make him on the same grounds as the other contestants such as two formerly jailed Chinese presidents, or Morgan Tsvangirai, a Columbian politician who helped secure the release of 16 hostages and was kidnapped herself ten years ago.  Or even in the past, how does Obama’s work viewed as revolutionary as that of Mother Theresa?

I respect Obama, but I do not view him any different from any other liberal politician.  One day the Obama saga must come to an end,  people will come to realize that he is just a man that was elected president, who happened to be elected when his country was in great need of change. He will always be remembered by his revolutionary campaign, however, he does not need to be awarded an Nobel Peace Prize in order to receive the our unending gratitude.

Extinction. Curious?
October 7, 2009, 9:15 pm
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An international survey was released stating that 5,437 mammal species are declining and at risk of distinction. One in four animals are at risk of being extinct. What’s sad about that statement is that the main reason for why their species is dieing off is because of poachers. I know this is so cliché to state, but our natural resources are not going to be “natural” much longer if we keep abusing what we have been given. Animals are only a small minority to the larger scheme of human disruption of nature. Hunting unnecessary animals, clearing rainforests, and dumping toxic waste into the our naturally, clean spring water; is only going to result in being hurtful towards us. How much longer can our earth take it? Not too much longer, there have already been signs of the earth’s detiorating, and the extinction of animals is one of the first, most noticeable signs. If they are not able to live in this world of pollution and contamination now, then how will we manage down the road? Anti-bacterial  and flu shots can only go so far in the broad scheme of things. Yes, most environmentalist are seen as worrywarts and not given much attention too, but they have a valid statement when it deals with the possible extinction of the human race.

80% of all primates are at risk of extinction

Tree Huggers
September 28, 2009, 9:41 pm
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Hippie Tree Dweller

Hippie Tree Dweller

The term tree hugger is a broad term used to describe the movement to help save various assortment of trees all over the world. However in cases like this tree photograph, that was taken at the University of California at Berkley goes to more of an extreme that may be uncomfortable for onlookers who walk by. The term tree hugger at this university is quickly linked to the many hippies that live in the tops of the trees in order to preserve their tree “friends” from being cut down by the university. In 2007 Berkley wanted to add on a nice high-tech gym for their students, but the tree preservers who live in this area thought that was asking a bit much since the trees date back to before the town itself.  Yes the dwellers make a valid case, but when it comes to them taking their clothes off in order to express their “friendship with the trees”, this act turns their protest offensively and makes the onlookers have a hard time taking them seriously. These dwellers, many of which are naked, go to great lengths and stay for several days sometimes even several weeks in order to make their opinions noticed. So the next time you crack a tree hugger joke about how much your Mom recycles, remember your fellow Americans who take this term too literally.

September 23, 2009, 7:51 pm
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My Dearest Trideltas,

I am writing to you in regards of the trash situation that has been occurring in the parking lot in front of our Moody Residential Hall. I know that after a long night of socializing at the Aardvark and Halo; that it may become very tempting to get the late night munchies for our favorite restaurant, Whataburger. However, it is quite an embarrassment to walk to class the next morning to the overwhelming stench of leftover honey butter chicken biscuits baking in the sun outside our lovely Tridelt door. I looked out the window this morning to see the sea of orange and white striped cups that were at one point “hidden” underneath our automobiles, and they have now been scattered across the front lawn. This is very unacceptable considering that we as fellow TCU students live under the motto, “Live Purple Think Green.”  The poor yard crew has to take the time to clean up our trash, when we could have easily put it into the trashcan on our way inside. So I ask you to please throw away your wrappers of “the meal that never took place” into the trashcan and not underneath your car that is parked mysteriously in the back corner by the “Chancellor’s Guest” labeled sign for football games. Your trash has a place in the trashcan that is located to the left of our beautiful house.

Delta Love,

Catharine Fulmer

Green Is For Me
September 16, 2009, 9:05 pm
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A organization to get involved with at TCU!

An organization at TCU to help get involved!

I did not relate to my topic of being environmentally friendly, till I visited my best friend in college last semester at UC Davis. All through my childhood my family never recycled. My best friend Katelyn had always been big into recycling and not being wasteful. I never really got why she always saved water bottles and wanted to carpool to run errands, until I visited her college campus. UC Davis is extremely passionate about keeping a clean and green environment. The campus is beautiful, lush and green. There was no littler on the streets, and at every trash area all the trash was separated into different bins. There were also a lot of organic fruit and vegetables that were planted on street corners that were always available to the college students. I thought it was fascinating how clean the air and environment felt and that there was fresh fruit growing on the side of the street that was edible all due to just simply cleaning up after yourself.  When I returned to TCU I started to ask around, and I became more involved in recycling. Now that I live in the Tridelt house I’ve gotten my whole floor to be more cautious about recycling and little things like buying a water purifier for their fridge instead of wasting water bottles and recycling coke can boxes.  TCU makes simple recycling easy, we just have to make the time to be aware and actually follow through and recycle!

Love Your Earth: Recycle
September 1, 2009, 10:19 pm
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Recycling has become the strongest movement of the latest hip trend to “Live Green.” This picture has been chosen in order to explain the message that is so world-known to replenish our planet’s natural resources. Recycling is put to use in order to reduce air pollution, water pollution, and to reduce energy usage. Whenever I personally see this image I automatically think where did I put my last Starbucks cup or straw rapper? This sign is not only a helpful reminder, but it also automatically triggers our memory to remember to separate the trash, throw away the peppermint rappers, or recycle your paper bags at the grocery store. This symbol is meant to remind the every man to do their duty to improve the environment in which they live in. No matter how stingy a person may be with being ignorant to the obvious interpretation of this symbol, they are still unconsciously aware of the fact that it reminds them to clean out their car and put the unwanted trash in a trash can rather just pitching it out the window. After seeing this sign I encourage you to also be influenced and to see what you can do locally in your TCU community.